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‘The best decision I have made for my career as a writer’: Stories Of Care Participant, Libby Hall, on where she is now

I applied to be a participant on Stories Of Care in the very last hour, on the very last day of applications. It was a whim. An opportunity that caught my attention last minute – which my gut told me not to ignore. I had no idea that within a year later, I would have completed Stories Of Care with my first publishing credit, a wealth of new knowledge on the craft of writing and a bunch of lovely new friends! 

Participating in Stories Of Care was by far the best decision I have made for my career as a writer, I am so grateful for the opportunity. 

Prior to Stories Of Care, I did already have some experience writing. I had been writer in residence at the hidden gem Salford Arts Theatre since I was 17. For them, I had written several plays, one of which was award winning. However, I was entirely self taught. I knew nothing about structuring a story, or how to pitch my ideas, or how to write an intriguing synopsis. It was through Stories Of Care that I was able to delve into the mechanics of writing and elevate my work. 

Since being a participant I have written two more stage plays, both of which benefitted from my newfound use of structure. One of them was nominated for an Offie. 

Last June, I had the honour of speaking as a guest for the National literacy trust – giving a talk on how to engage not yet reached readers. This was an opportunity that came off the back of being part of Stories Of Care. Writing for the ages 7-12 is an uncovered passion of mine and I’m already planning my next short story for children! 

I am so grateful I was sent the Facebook post advertising Stories of Care, thankful I applied and incredibly indebted to everyone who was involved in the delivery of the programme. It has enriched not only my writing, but also my confidence in an industry that is often so gated for working class creatives.