Oliver leading workshop

What our Participants are saying about our 2021 Children’s Writing & Professional Development Programme

In August 2021 (the half-way point), we asked our participants whether they felt like they had grown or developed as a writer throughout the project. They said: 

‘I have gained a deeper understanding of how to write specifically for a younger audience. From character perspective to structure, I am now comfortable in crafting stories for children.’

‘I’ve grown more confident in my ability to put together a coherent short story and take into account constructive feedback on my work. Learning different methods of getting to grips with structure and characters has helped me look at writing in a different way.’

‘Before beginning the course, I had no proper understanding of story structure. Learning about the three-act structure has massively benefited me and grown my confidence as a writer.’ 

‘I’ve been able to learn to shut off other aspects of my life and focus solely on the joy of putting pen to paper and being creative to bring stories to life. I’ve been able to learn different techniques and writing styles to suit different age groups.’

‘I have been given a platform/structure on which to build ideas upon. A baseline of ideas/tropes/story beats on which to throw ideas, and then turn them into fully formed children’s stories!’

‘It’s given me more confidence to create a timeline and a story. I was offered an opportunity to do a monologue project with the BBC, which I ran away from because I wasn’t ready for it. I didn’t have the right tools and now I’m developing the tools and confidence I need to take future opportunities.’

‘Managing emotions and trusting that there are people out there that understand my experience and we don’t have to over-explain ourselves and we can just create. It’s nice to be surrounded by people who want to write and are equally as invested as you are.’ 

We also asked our participants, what has been the highlight of the project so far? They said:

‘I have enjoyed the insights by the experts leading the workshops, particularly the workshop by Dominic Berry.’

‘Seeing my story come together and listening to others about how their stories are forming.’ 

‘The highlight of the course so far has been meeting new writers/creatives and also using some creative spaces in Manchester that I previously didn’t know existed.’

‘Meeting new and exciting individuals from all different types of backgrounds and hearing their stories, whilst allowing myself to be in a creative and welcoming environment.’

‘The opportunity to constantly work with and meet other writers/industry contacts, ranging from early career to richly experienced.’ 

‘I’ve been on other courses and they were good but not as good as this. I’ve really enjoyed the structure and the step-by-step process has helped me a lot. I’ve valued the one-to-one support of experienced staff who have been able to guide me out of rabbit holes… I liked the ‘magic’ workshop. Using the maps to create stories was really interesting and helped my creative process. I loved the workshop with Danielle Jawando.’

‘I’ve had a breakthrough in my confidence. I’ve been able to put my ideas out there and make a chronology that I’m happy with. I had a breakdown in one of the sessions and came back stronger. It’s something that I couldn’t do before. Creating can be overwhelming but it’s nice to be in a space with people who get it.’

The Stories Of Care Team would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to our exceptional cohort of new writers!