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Meet Our New Production Assistant: Susie Hadaway

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Hello, I’m Susie Charmaine Hadaway (nickname ‘Pobby’). People often ask why? Haha, that’s because, when I was little, my ears and tongue stuck out and I looked like a children’s TV character called Mr Pob. So, my mum and dad called me ‘Pobby’.

I love nature. I feel most free when I’m outdoors cycling and listening to music. I love travelling and meeting new people. I’m passionate about inspiring others, telling stories and performing.

What is your favourite children’s book, and why?

As a small child, my favourite books were the ‘Biff, Chip and Kipper’ Series! These were the ones I was given in order to learn how to read. I love how each book presents a new adventure, and to this day, I still distinctly remember ‘The Magic Key’.

Soon after the ‘Biff, Chip and Kipper’ series, I remember reading The BFG and being simply blown away by Roald Dahl’s playful and inventive use of language: onomatopoeic words like ‘Gobblefunk’ and ‘phizz-whizzing’, and spoonerisms like ‘catasterous disastophe’! I love it! Not to mention what a magical journey you go on with the main character, Sophie. I just got so absorbed and lost in the world he created. 

What excites you most about Stories Of Care Chapter Two? Is there any particular part of the project that you’re really looking forward to?

I’m most excited about empowering young people to become writers – developing their skills, building their confidence and supporting them on their creative journeys. I believe we all have stories to tell, and the opportunity to be supported to tell those stories to children is a real privilege. 

I’m excited to be a part of a project that helps young people find new friendships, at the same time as finding themselves creatively. 

And also, I’m excited to be working alongside my fellow Production Assistants, Toni and Beatrice. They’re both brilliant people to be sharing this opportunity with. 

What are you hoping to take away from being involved in the project?

I’m hoping to become an inspiration to other young care leavers and to go on to write more after the project.

Tell us a bit about the story you wrote for Tales of the Weird, the Wild and the Wonderful.

The story I wrote in Tales of the Weird, the Wild and the Wonderful is based on events that happened to me as a child while living at home with my parents before going into the care system. My dad used to take my brother and I on adventures up to the train tracks, and I’ve always had a connection with animals growing up, so I thought ‘Why not combine the two to make a story?’ And so, I did 🙂